Hole #14, Par 3, 197-143 Yards

Formerly called "the shortest par 4 in Arizona", Number 14 has an 8000 square foot green. Beware the lateral hazard on the right backed by OB. The green features several mounds and ridges and its huge size can bring 3 putt into play depending on pin placement. Two sets of tees require accurate tee shots

Hole #5, Par 4, 382-225 yards

A slight dogleg right, number 5 has tall trees along the right side of the fairway to catch errant tee shots as well as a hazard in front of the tees. Avoid the deep bunker on the left of the green. This green has a large mound on the right which can add severe break to putts depending on pin placement.

Hole #2, Par 4, 434-247 yards

The shortest par 4 on the course, the second hole has a lateral hazard left and large trees that can come into play on the right. A large deep bunker protects the left front of the green and deep grass bunker to the right. This hole is reachable by long hitters and has surrendered at least one hole-in-one.

Hole #11, Par 3, 195-92 yards

This two tiered green has a large target area on the right and much smaller target area left. From the back tees and with a left pin placement this somewhat deceptive hole can be a very difficult par.  Out of bounds along the right side of the fairway.

Hole #8, Par 4, 415-285 yards

This straight away par four has large trees that can come into play on second shots from off line tee shots. A deep bunker is on the left of the slightly elevated green and grass bunkers on the right. Reading putts on this green can be deceiving due to a crown in the putting surface running diagonally across the back half of the green.

Hole #18, Par 5, 557-365 yards

Dogleg left with a large bunker and trees left for those tempted to cut the corner. The large green is protected by sand bunkers left and right. The green slopes from back to front. Reachable in two for long hitters when wind is off the mountains.

Hole #1, Par 5, 557-375 yards

The first hole is a slight dogleg right and is bordered on the right by a dry wash with a hazard in the wash. Newly planted trees are in the left rough so please take relief from these. The green is protected by bunkers left and right and slopes from back right to left front.

Hole #17, Par 4, 416-277 yards

Straight away par 4 with a grass bunker left near the landing area. The green is protected by a sand bunker right and large mounds left. The green slopes from back to front and approach shots that go long face an uphill chip or downhill putt that will be very difficult to stop.

Elevation: 4500' above sea level.
Mountain View Golf Course is a soft spike facility
Course and Local Rules are printed on the back of your scorecard

Hole #4, Par 3, 195-139 yards

This par three with an elevated tee has a green that slopes severely from back to front. A sand bunker is on the left front of the green and grass bunker on the right. Behind the green is a deep dry wash so going long here probably means bogey or worse.

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Hole #6, Par 5, 567-390 yards

The drive on this hole is uphill, the second shot downhill and approach shots slightly uphill. Trees come into play on the right off the tee and on the left for the second shot. Grassy mounds on the right front protect the green and can mask the pin placement.

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Hole #12, Par 5, 517-396 Yards

Tee shots on this hole face an uphill carry with a narrow landing area flanked by bunkers. Regulars use the tall cypress tree behind the green and visible from the tee as a target. Out of bounds right along the fairway and severe desert rough left. The green is flanked by large mounds to catch errant approach shots. 

Hole #15, Par 4, 361-190 yards

Long hitters will be tempted to "go for it" by cutting the severe dogleg right off the tee, carrying the OB, huge waste area, tall tree and high mound fronting the undulating green on the right. OB is close behind the elevated green so distance control is critical on approach shots.

Hole #9, Par 4, 514-320 yards

This dogleg left par 4 is flanked by trees left and right that can make par very difficult with an errant tee shot. Grass mounds on the right and left and back of the green catch errant approach shots. The large green slopes away from a center ridge. Behind the green is out of bounds. The #1 handicap hole for men and ladies.

Hole #10, Par 4, 429-267 yards

This straight away par 4 has out of bounds on the right and a cart path and desert rough to the left. The green is protected by a grass bunker on the right and sand bunker left. The long narrow green slopes from back to front.

Mountain View Golf Course
Fort Huachuca, Arizona

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Hole #16, Par 4, 430-200 yards

Severe dogleg left with a bunker guarding the landing area on the right and left. From the tip, the tee shot must negotiate a narrow alley through the trees that flank the tee box. The slightly elevated green has a large swale immediately in front to catch approach shots that come up short.

Hole #13, Par 4, 442-240 Yards

This slight dogleg left presents a number of challenges. Out of bounds right and desert rough left demand an accurate tee shot. The large lateral hazard in front of the green must be cleared and many choose to layup on the difficult second shot. Sand and grass bunkers protect the long three tiered green where distance control is critical to avoid a very tricky putt.

Hole #3, Par 4, 443-257 yards

Number 3 has trouble to the right and desert rough and cart path to the left. A drainage area bisects the fairway at about 200 yards and the second shot is all up hill. A large bunker will catch wayward shots to the left and trees protect the right front of the green

Hole #7, Par 3, 177-82 yards

Tee shots must carry the dry hazard in front of this green and avoid the large trees right and left. This green is large and severely undulating leading to tricky breaking putts.